The goal of this page is to provide answers to many of those questions we had when we started the migration process. Having found a web like this at that time would have saved us many headaches.

We have been living here for six and a half years now. During that period of time we have faced many of the situations that those similar to us that decide to start a new live out of their countries. The information collected in this site corresponds to the first year of ou life here, but we are constantly updating the information. It was a good idea to do this back then, otherwise when time passes by you start losing perspective and forgetting important details.

It is important to mention that we are latin americans, we are legal residents and we have universitary degrees. If you fit into this description, you will find this site very useful. Anyway, there is a lot of generic information as well.

In this site you will find advices and information to help you legalize your situation, find where to live, and also how to find a job. Once you achieved all that, the rest is enjoying of this amazing city.

We hope you find it useful!