A main factor when you decide to start the adventure of moving to another country is to know the cost of living there. In other words: how much will I spend in Barcelona in a regular month?

Below we show you a expenses detail. It is based in an already estable life, living as a couple, in a non-shared appartment and considering good quality and varied diet.

NOTE: This is just an approximation and shouldn’t be taken as a reference for important decisions.

Average expenses, for a couple, living in Barcelonac city (not the metropolitan area):

  • Rent: is, by far, the most important. It can go between 550€ (a “normal” appartment of 40/50 sq meters, two bedrooms, in a neighborhood around downtown) and 1100€ (o more, in the city center, with two or three bedrooms, furnished)
  • Water, gas, electricity and Internet supplies:
    • Water: 20 euros
    • Gas: 25 euros (but depends on the appartment you rlive in. If the heat is radiators the gas consuption will rise a lot during winters).
    • Internet: 30 euros (ADSL 10 MB, flat rate normally including a mobile phone line with 4G connectivity).
    • Electricity: 30 euros (also, take into account that if you have air conditioner the bill will rise dramaticakky suring summers).
  • Transport: 70 euros (using it a lot)
  • Supermarket150 euros (including cleaning supplies). Considering a basic diet without any “luxuries”. If you are used to eat meat, seafood, organic vegetables, etc, in a regular basis, 150€ won’t be enough.
  • Total: 875 euros per month (or 1425 euros if you choose the expensive flat).

To this amount you must add whatever you need as “extras”: going out, travels, clothing, hobbies, etc. We normally spend around 250 euros in that kind of things. But that’s now, when we arrived we were in a very “compromised” situation so this category was almos zero (there are plenty of free things to do in Barcelona).

IMPORTANT: if you are travelling alone, the most usual approach is to rent a room in a shared appartment (check: What to do when I arrive).In that case, the rent normally includes all the supplies ad can be around 300 euros (up to 550 euros), and the supermarket drops to 80 or 90 euros per month.